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Introduction – What is Chalk Couture?

Chalk Couture offers high quality products that enable you to create your own beautiful home decor and accessories. At just a little over one year old, this company is taking the craft industry by storm. The Chalk Couture Chalkology Pastes & Inks, vinyl transfers, accessories and surfaces make it extremely fun and easy to DIY just about anything you can think of. Keep reading to learn more about the products this amazing company has to offer.

Chalk Transfers

Vinyl transfers are essentially adhesive, silk screen stencils. Depending on your surface (i.e. most non-Chalk Couture surfaces), you may have to “fuzz” your transfer prior to placing it on your surface to prevent it from adhering to your surface too much.

Vinyl transfers come in FIVE different sizes:
– Size A – 5″ x 7″
– Size B – 8.5″ x 11″
– Size C – 12″ x 18″
– Size D – 18″ x 18″
– Size E – 18″ x 24″

Many transfers have cut apart pieces that you can mix and match with other designs. Manufacturer recommends 8-10 uses per transfer, but I have used some transfers many more times. Follow cleaning and storage instructions to preserve your transfer for multiple uses.

Chalkology Paste

The Chalkology Paste currently comes in 38 different colors. There are 5 exclusive En Vogue Colors also available while supplies last!

The paste goes onto your surface wet, and dries hard to prevent your design from smudging. It is not permanent (unless it’s sealed) so you can easily wipe it off with water and a cloth. Note, if using Chalkology Paste on porous surfaces like wood, it may still leave a residue when you try to remove it.

All 30 colors come in 3 oz jars. Some popular neutral colors (white, storm, black) come in an 8 oz Super Stash Size. Fifteen of our most popular colors come in single packets, 12 per box.

Chalkology Ink

The Chalkology Ink currently comes in 25 gorgeous colors. It is a bit thinner than the Chalkology Paste, so a little goes a long way.

The Ink can be used on just about any surface, but it can also be made permanent once it is heat set with something like an iron or in an oven.

When using Chalkology Ink on fabrics, t-shirts and anything that may shift during application, it’s best to use our Chalk Couture Ink mat or something comparable with a slight stickiness to it so that the surface doesn’t shift when applying the Ink and removing the transfer.

Surfaces & Accessories

Though you can most definitely use just about any brand of surface, Chalk Couture offers amazing surfaces as well!

The Gallery boards are framed, magnetic, steel chalkboards. They are heavy, so there is a shipping premium for these amazing boards.

The Boutique Boards were launched in July 2018 and come in a variety of items. These, however, are not magnetic. Since they are fairly new, they do not incur a shipping premium, but it may be wise to stock up on a few of your favorite pieces in case that changes in the future!

There are also canvas banners, bags and pillow cases that work great with the Chalkology Ink. They can be heat set to make the design permanent!

Our squeegees, used to apply the Chalkology Paste and Ink to our transfers and surfaces, come in 4 different sizes: Mini, Small, Angled and 4″ Handled. We also have an amazing multi-tool that is great for stirring paste and ink as well as applying the paste and ink to the smaller, detailed areas of some of the transfers.

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