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Beauty, Mom Life, Product Review / Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with the product or brand, nor am I a certified expert in Lashify Lash Extensions or the like. This is strictly my personal, consumer review.

I’ve had lash extensions before – which I love – but I just couldn’t keep up with the 1.5 – 2 hour appointments for fills every couple of weeks. I stopped getting them and went back to the good ol’ mascara and eyelash curler. I found myself missing the days when I could just literally jump out of bed and start my day. Even more so now that we’ve been stuck in the house these past few weeks with the pandemic going on.

I’ve been seeing ads for Lashify Lash Extensions for a while now but never really got interested enough to look into it more. Then, I saw my sister using them. It looked pretty easy to do. And she was able to customize her looks with different sizes, colors (yes, colors!) and styles of lashes. Game. Changer. She added me to Lashify’s community page on Facebook and what a fun, inspiring group I suddenly found myself in. I filled and emptied my Lashify cart daily for a couple more weeks after that. Finally, on April 4, 2020, I filled my cart and completed my order!

Website & Ordering

I love how easy it is to navigate their website. I started with the Control Kit they offer for $145. It comes with you choice of Amplify, Bold, or Curl Lashes in 2 sizes (12 mm and 14 mm), Fuse Control Wand, Whisper Light Dual Sided Mix Tip, and Glass. I also opted to purchase the Tool Set which comes with a Terry Headband, the Fluffer, a Gossamer Lash Storage Case, Blow, the Lash Comb and a cosmetic bag to fit everything in. Don’t worry, I’ll get into product details in a bit. I got too excited to take pictures before opening up all the packages, but here is what they look like straight from Lashify’s website.

I also opted to get the Pre-Cleanse Gossamer Lash Prep and Melt Away Gossamer Lash Remover just to give myself the best chance possible of getting this right on the first try!

Delivery & Packaging

I ordered on a Saturday, and it said packages would be fulfilled within 2-3 business days. (Note I think current processing times are 3-5 business days right now.) On April 8th, I got a shipping notification with an expected delivery date of April 13, 2020. I figured it might be delayed with companies observing pandemic precautions, but I can happily report that my package came on time!

It came in a sturdy, black cardboard box. Simple, sleek, my kind of style. When I opened it, my eyes went straight to the wax sealed tissue paper; again my kind of style!


The Control Kit has everything you need to get started. I choose the Curl Gossamer Lashes for my kit. The Fuse Control Wand is a tweezer-like tool that is used to apply the Gossamer lashes. It comes with a set of Wandoms, which are cushion covers for the Fuse Control Wand. They recommend the Wandoms for beginners to prevent any inadvertent discomfort while learning how to apply the lashes. The Whisper Light Dual Sided Mix Tip is basically the adhesive glue used to apply the lash extensions to your natural lashes. A little bit goes a long way. The Glass is a waterproofing sealer.

The Tool Kit has some fun extras that aren’t required for application, but are helpful. So far my favorite is Blow. My nurse mind makes me think of a bulb syringe or an old manual blood pressure pump. You use it to blow air onto your lashes to help the Whisper Light bond become tacky prior to applying the lashes. The Fluffer helps renew your lashes a bit, especially if you’ve had them on for a few days. And Lash Comb is great at separating lashes that have gotten stuck together.

The Pre-Cleanse is used prior to applying the lashes. I have nothing to compare it to since it was my first application, but I felt like my face and natural lashes were really clean after using it. The Meltaway is AMAZING! Super gentle on your skin and the lashes literally slip right off. So much better than removing traditional lash extensions!

Lash Application

After swiping the Pre-Cleanse solution over both of my eyes and letting it dry, it was time to use the Whisper Light bond. I started with my right eye since that side is easier for me when applying regular false lash strips. I used the black side rather than the clear since the package recommended using the black if I was planning on keeping my lashes on for a while. After letting it set for a couple minutes, I applied the C14 lashes starting from the outer part of my eye and working my way inside and then I used a C12 for the innermost part of my eye.

OMG. So easy! And I had my 4 year old and 2 year old pulling at my arms and legs and asking for anything and everything the whole time! #momlife

Now it was time for the left eye. I can apply lashes on myself pretty easily after much practice, but my left side is always a bit awkward in terms of dexterity. I had my sister on a Google Video Chat and she was giving me some live tips as I was applying. Starting from the outer part of my eye again, I either put too much Whisper Light or I didn’t wait long enough for it to become tacky. The lashes were slipping off when I was trying to apply them. I used the Blow tool to see if it helped, and it did. I definitely need more practice lining up the spines of the lashes so it creates a flawless line. But good thing about the “under” application is that it isn’t really noticeable!

Overall Thoughts

Again, this was my first time ever using Lashify Lash Extensions. It was a bit intimidating at first, but I just went for it and I’m super happy with the results! Generally, they are pretty easy to apply, but I want to work on lining up the lashes better.

The Whisper Light bond is supposed to hold for about a week depending on application technique, activity and such. I applied my lashes on a Wednesday. That night, I felt myself scratch my eye while I was sleeping, so my inner lash on the left came off. But again, pretty easy to get them back on after I woke up. They stayed on even after working out and showering. I took them off on Friday so I could switch to a shorter length for work. I’ll have to do another application test to see how long they will actually stay on.

There are also so many different types of lashes I want to try. I ended up getting a monthly membership so that I could order different items at a discounted price. My first order is going to include C10s; the 12s were just a tab bit long for my inner eye still, so I think the 10s will be perfect. I also ordered Teal (eek!!) colored C12s and C14s. And lastly I added the Black Magic Cleansing Puff that easily removes makeup with just water, without messing up your lashes.

I am extremely happy with the products so far! Thank you Lashify!

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